Interlock Pavers and Flagstone Repair
 installation of stone pavers- Finishing with Polymeric Jointing Sand

PAVER KING has the experience, products, and equipment to pressure wash and seal your surface properly and efficiently.

High Pressure Cleaning & Sealing your pavement will help protect it from stains, dirt, and natural breakdown from daily wear and harsh weather. Sealing makes your pavement longer lasting, easier to clean, and helps retain its beauty. 

Interlock Pavers and Flagstone Repair

PAVER KING has the experience and tools necessary to remove and relay uneven and sunken surfaces. A repaired interlock surface followed by cleaning and sealing will restore your surface's beauty back to new at a fraction of the cost of having it completely replaced. 

Polymeric Jointing Sand Replacement

Jointing sand plays an essential role in long-term performance and appearance. It effectively controls weed and ant infestation. When applied properly, remains flexible to withstand thermal movement or settlement of the sub-base materials. 

Weeds & Stain Removal

Are weeds a problem? PAVER KING will remove ALL weeds from your interlocking surfaces with a vast selection of chemical cleaners and techniques to remove any kind of stains your pavers may have, be it rust, efflorescence or even grease.

After having your pavement sealed, you will be pleased with how wonderful it looks and how easy it is to maintain.


PAVER KING Pressure washes and seals interlocking stone pavers in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville. We use the best product manufactures to assure homeowners with highest  standards for all landscaping and outdoor construction needs.

  Products for sealing stone masonry concrete and wood   Permanent sealer designed for indoor or outdoor use.      

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